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Custom made shower doors and enclosures

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  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure
  • Custom Shower Enclosure

Step up to the quality and look of our frameless heavy glass shower doors. Enclosures of this caliber are the demanded look by designers and home builders that cater to fine custom homes of discriminating homebuyers. Most homes today undergoing renovations are replacing cheap shower doors with better performing and aesthetically pleasing heavy glass enclosures.

We have the experience to tailor make the glass for the best fit which is crucial to prevent water leak issues inherent in frameless showers particularly with steam enclosures. Many companies use a stock glass door to save money which may sacrifice consistence margins between the glass door and the wall and/or the inline glass panel. Tight tolerances minimize leaks and look great!

When designing a contemporary bathroom, you may consider installing a frameless shower door to give the space a sleek, modern feel. Unlike traditional shower doors that feature metal frames that hold the glass in place, frameless shower doors utilize heavy glass that is mounted directly to the wall with discreet metal hardware.

The primary advantage of using a frameless glass shower door is their stylish appearance. It’s hard to describe the sheer beauty of these fixtures without seeing them in person for yourself. Frameless glass shower doors have a certain level of sophistication that’s simply not found in traditional framed doors. No matter how your bathroom is decorated, chances are a frameless glass shower door will compliment the atmosphere.

Some people might be concerned about their frameless glass shower door cracking or even shattering. After all, this is a common problem with any authentic glass materials. Thankfully, however, these fixtures are incredibly durable due to their tempered glass material. No matter how many times you accidentally bump or knock your frameless glass shower door, it should hold up with ease.

A lesser-known advantage of frameless glass shower doors is the increased value they offer to your home. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your home’s value, you should start at the bathroom. Installing a frameless glass shower door will instantly give a boost to your home’s selling price, and that’s something every homeowner can take advantage of.

Let our trained technician come out to your home and customize a Bath / Shower enclosure to your exact specifications. Call us now to setup an appointment or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.

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We are the sliding door company that crafts the most creative and beautiful sliding doors on the market. Our 100% custom sliding doors are created as complete systems for Closet Doors, Room Dividers, Pocket Doors, and Wall Slides/Barn Doors. Whether you are looking for custom frosted glass closet sliding doors, a contemporary room divider partition or even a modern pocket door, you have come to the perfect place!

At Screen Glass Depot, our goal is to offer an exceptional selection of fully customizable sliding door solutions to completely suit any interior space and size, regardless of application or complexity. Our experienced team is fully devoted to providing unique sliding Glass door solutions to each customer and their interior space. We will work with you to achieve the perfect Glass door system you desire, no matter how challenging. We strive to offer the finest materials and quality on the market. And if you don’t see something, just ask – it is likely we can do it or have done it before!

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